1. Will your products make my horse greasy? 

- All of our products have been carefully formulated to not have any greasy residue. It is safe to use on horses manes even before braiding. 

2. My horse always seems to get bumps after clipping? Will your products irritate my horses coat more?

- Actually, all of our products contain our signature Anti-Itch Herbal Infusion that aids in soothing itchy bumps and minor skin irritations. Perfect, for soothing those after clipping bumps!

3. Every summer my horse tends to rub his mane and tail. Do you have a product that can help stop the rubbing?

- Yes, our Anti-Itch Wound & Fungal Serum! We actually developed this formula for a horse in our barn with seasonal allergies. 

4. Will your products make my saddle slip? 

- No! Unlike other products on the market, our products do NOT make your saddle slip. As avid riders and competitors, we made certain our product would not affect the functionality of our tack. 

5. I love your products, however I worry with it containing oils that it will make my horses coat bleach in the sun. 

- Our signature Anti-Itch Herbal Infusion is like no other, as it contains ingredients that have a natural SPF.

6. I know with most healing products flies are still able to land on an open wound, would I need to buy a fly repellant along with your Salve? 

- No, our Anti-Itch Wound & Fungal Salve cannot be duplicated! It not only prevents flies from landing on an open wound, it repels them. There are essential oils in the Salve that are a natural deterrent therefor it works as a healing agent and repellant. 

7. What happens if any of your products get in my horses eyes or they lick them? 

- Our essential oils are 100% pure, which means there are no additives that makes them unsafe for consumption for horses or humans alike. In fact, our products are safe to use on dogs. 

8. Why does your label say to "Shake Well"? 

- Like most Holistic products, there is a slight separation in oils when at rest. Once shaken, our products evenly distribute for even coverage.

9. What about your products shelf life?

- Myst products have a shelf life that lasts two times longer than most chemical free products. Each formulation was made with this in mind. Unlike most natural products we do not use any ingredients that break down the Ph level of all carrier oils.  

10. I like to give my horse a liniment bath, can I add your Coat Elixir to my favorite liniment product?

- Yes, our Coat Elixir can be added directly to a liniment of your choice since neither should be rinsed. 

11. Are your products USEF Compliant?

- While the USEF cannot guarantee the safety of Holistic products, we have made sure our products do not contain any prohibited substances. Also, as advocates for the health and safety of OTTB's, we have thoroughly researched the prohibited substance list for the ARCI (Racing Commissioners International), which we are also compliant. 

12. I love your product line, can we expect new additions to your product line?

-Yes! We have several products in the works. Stay tuned! 

13. Are you currently seeking Brand Ambassadors?

-We receive emails and direct messages regarding this topic on a daily basis. While we appreciate your interest in representing our products and our brand, we are not currently seeking Brand Ambassadors.