Clipping Season Tips

Clipping season is in full swing and we are here to give you helpful product tips to make clipping a breeze!

Hint #1: Dry Coats:

- If you're still able to bathe your horse, we highly recommend giving your horse a bath with the Revitalizing Shampoo Bar (regular or whitening) to thoroughly clean the coat.

- After bathing, follow up with the Coat Elixir and let the coat dry completely. The Coat Elixir will help restore moisture in the skin, as well as soothe any skin irritations. 

- Once the coat is dry and you've finished clipping, frequent use of the Dry Shampoo will help clean the coat when bathing is not an option and also aid in preventing dry flakey skin. *Alert* dapples may ensue! 

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Happy Clipping! 

- The Myst Team